Qualifications / Academic Background

  • Diploma in Entrepreneurship

Work Background

With more than 6years experience as a research officer, Nontando is responsible for project management from the planning stages and for the development of work plans according to project needs. From the identification of project goals, research methods, variables and other test parameters. She handles the delicate tasks of recruiting, training and supervising field researchers as well as the design and piloting of the research instrument prior to full scale field work. Nontando is also responsible for field work quality control which involves data coding and data clean-up before it is submitted to the data analyst. She liases with the Data Analyst during the analysis process to ensure the quality of the research output.

Additionally, she is also involved in the conclusion of the Research Reports and all supporting documents. She ensures that project proposals are complete and ready for submission in time.

Areas of specialisation

  • Research Instrument design and pilot
  • Training & Supervision of Field Researchers
  • Field Research Quality Controller