Company Overview

Insedlu Business Companion is a global leader in the
provision of business consulting solutions to both the
SMME and corporate world. Our consulting proficiency
combines the concepts of Systems Thinking and Design
Thinking to come up with human-centred business solutions
that are not based on our instinct but rather empathy.

Since its establishment in 2002, Insedlu has assisted
uncountable SMMEs and corporates to access markets
and funding opportunities and to optimise their business
processes for enhanced productivity. Public sector clients
have been assisted to craft their strategic and business
plans, Annual Performance Plans and Risk Registers.

Our research interventions are designed to address
identified business problems and they involve massive
collaboration between us and the client in formulation
and implementation.

Company Background

  • Our holistic approach to the sector in which we operate has not only been beneficial in offering our clients an integrated service, but being a multi-disciplinary services company also gives us access to diverse clients and revenue streams.
  • Our business model is ‘intrapreneurial’ in a way that organisational structure does not only encourage cross-cutting individual entrepreneurial excellence but translates into deep seated organisational innovation.
  • Most importantly, we manage our resources and projects “on the go” through our home grown Project management software, the Companion Pulse. It is designed to track progress and project headway of all our ventures


Management Consulting SMME Development LED Development of various business solutions including asset management strategies Strategic planning workshops and strategy development documents


Research Customer satisfaction surveys Stakeholder perception surveys Organisational climate surveys Market research



Accounting Bookkeeping to trial balance Preparation of annual financial statements Facilitating external audits



Training and Work shop facilitation New venture creation accredited trainer (SSETA)


Mobilising finance for huge capital projects


Mobilising finance for huge capital projects