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Our holistic approach to the sector in which we operate has not only been beneficial in offering our clients an integrated service, but being a multi-disciplinary services company also gives us access to diverse clients and revenue streams.

Our business model is ‘intrapreneurial’ in a way that organisational structure does not only encourage cross-cutting individual entrepreneurial excellence but translates into deep seated organisational innovation.
Most importantly, we manage our resources and projects “on the go” through our home grown Project management software, the Companion Pulse. It is designed to track progress and project headway of all our ventures


To create waves of innovative entrepreneurial development through relevant research based services


To constantly improve on our business development offering to meet international best practices


Ubuntu, integrity, honesty, creativity, customer centric support

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Our Specialty


Intelligence and insight
Strategy development
Organisational design
Performance management

Consulting is more than giving advice, it is an approach to improving an entity’s employees, resources, technology, operations etc. Business process consulting takes a critical look at how your day-to-day functions either contribute or detract from short- and long-term goals, then help your re-work operations to better align with actual business results. As a business process consultant we have grown to understand that perhaps the most useful way of analyzing the process is to consider its purposes which eventually clarifies goals and eventually influence the engagement.

Financial Services

Bookkeeping to trial balance
Preparation of annual financial statements
Facilitating external audits
Strategy and growth
Operations efficiency
Risk management
Flexible resourcing

Business Health Check- To check the Business Health check of SMMEs, Cooperatives andBusiness turnaround-Our business turnaround strategies are a step by step turnaround process

Local Economic development

BBBEE Strategy
Enterprise development
Supplier development
Socio economic studies

While “economic development” is often confused with economic growth or industrial development, it is generally accepted to be a proactive collaborative process within which there are a multiplicity of efforts that collectively serve to improve economic progress and quality of life as such. Insedlu Business Companion prides itself in its processes of economic development that involve a number of stakeholders including government, SMMEs, Cooperatives , focused on a variety of outcomes such as new business start-ups, greater sectoral diversification, job creation, increased productivity, sustainable growth, improved quality of life and so forth.

Components of an LED Strategy

  1. expanding employment opportunity
  2. strengthening local tax base
  3. sustaining the environment
  4. creating vocational opportunities
  5. improving the business climate
  6. increasing private investment
  7. reducing poverty
  8. mobilizing civic and business leaders


Customer Satisfaction surveys
Stakeholder perception surveys
Organisational climate survey
Market research
Business Health Check

The market research industry has grown steadily over the last decade with companies recognising the need to know more about their consumers and the markets their services and/or products operate in. Insedlu Business Companion strongly believes that the key to perform effective market research is the objective assembly and research of data about the niche market which is helpful in gaining in-depth understanding about the various facets of competition, market trend and industry audience. In our fieldwork we include the collection of different types of related and non-related facts of the marketing that are helpful in providing relevant information for the business.

With the development of our in-house project management software, The Companion Pulse, we have managed to work optimally while monitoring the set budget and timelines.


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