Competition Commission

Insedlu Business Companion was contracted by Competition Commission SA to conduct a School Uniforms Survey- across 9 provinces involving 2,000 participants. The respondents included principals, SGB representatives and parents. The purpose of the survey was to establish the extent to which Former Model C and Private Colleges had complied with new school uniforms policy circular that was published by the Department of Basic Education in May 2015.  


The EDC Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) was required to conduct a customer satisfaction survey among residents at the DTI campus in Pretoria between 2007-2017. The study was conducted semi-annually with 515 participants. The study aimed to track and monitor the performance of EDC through statistical analysis of customer opinions, perceptions and satisfaction with the services of EDC in the following areas. 

  • The call centre
  • Food services (water and coffee machines)
  • Habitant management
  • Environmental control & energy
  • Cleaning & hygiene management
  • Parking & garage management
  • Conference & meeting support
  • Occupancy & availability management
  • Security management
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Management of indoor plants


City Power contracted Insedlu Business Companion to carry out this Customer Satisfaction Survey for the year 2019 with a total of 3000 prepaid users, 900 post-paid users, 1200 Low Power users, 400 businesses, 200 customers and 14 focus groups. The study was conducted across 4 customer segments namely; Key Customers, LPU Customers, Pre-paid and Post-paid customers. The eight distribution centers (Reuven, Siemert, Alexandra, Lenasia, Midrand, Randburg, Hursthill and Roodepoortl) were considered for this study.

The main OBJECTIVE of the study was to determine the satisfaction levels of customers in different areas of the Greater Johannesburg metropolitan area.

  • To find out the perceptions of customers regarding CITY POWER
  • To find out the extent to which CITY POWER provides quality service to different consumers

To determine if CITY Power services are economical, efficient and effective


Insedlu Business Companion was contracted by the Matatiele Local Municipality CONDUCT RECOGNITION OF PRIOR LEARNING (RPL) RESEARCH IN THE PUBLIC SERVICE SECTOR FOR PSETA ETQA project. The scope of our work was to conduct a total of 120 face to face (at least 80%) and telephonic interviews stratified as follows:

  • FETs 45 (Educators, HODs)
  • Training Academies 10 (Public and private)
  • Beneficiaries 20 (To be accessed through learning institutions)
  • Public service sector departments 35 (Gvt departments and parastatals countrywide)
  • Other Institutions10 (PALAMA, SAQA, etc)

The 80% face to face interview rate will be achieved through using road transport rather air transport to visit all the provinces except the Eastern Cape and the Western Cape where road transport would prove to be not feasible.


Insedlu Business companion was contracted between August 2015 to conduct a perception survey across 71 wards with a total of 1095 interviews where 1001 household interviews, 89 business interviews and 5 stakeholder interviews. The Municipality comprises of eight local municipalities namely: Lukhanji, Insika Yethu, Engcobo, Sakhisizwe, Inkwanca, Inxuba Yethemba, Tsolwana and Emalahleni. Insedlu Business Companion was contracted to conduct a customer satisfaction survey to evaluate the following;

  • To evaluate service delivery satisfaction levels of communities that have been serviced by the district municipality
  • To improve communication between the municipality and its stakeholders and community
  •  Get recommendations on how to improve current service range and quality thereof

The survey also included an evaluation of CHDM’s broad services that were tested in the survey, these included the following:

  1. a) Economic Development and planning (EDP)
  2. b) Community Services
  3. c) Infrastructure Development
  4. d) Budget and Finance
  5. e) Overall Rating of CHDM


Insedlu Business Companion was appointed to conduct a customer satisfaction survey from January 2016-December 2018. The survey was conducted once a year with a combination of Stakeholder perception surveys and customer satisfaction surveys. The stakeholder audit was conducted to understand the feelings and perceptions of participants regarding service delivery by JW across the seven regions of Johannesburg. The focus groups consisted of between 8 and 14 participants and were facilitated by a senior researcher assisted by two researchers

The customer satisfaction surveys included 2400 interviews where 2000 household interviews, 200 business, 100 corporate, 100 stakeholder interviews were conducted.For the second appointment (January 2019), the scope was the same the same, a customer satisfaction survey with a stakeholder perception survey of 2500 households, 500 businesses, 200 corporates, 100 stakeholders and 14 focus groups


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